clue: C Glue for Cross-Platform Mobile Games Written in C/C++

Remember Marmalade SDK? It was an SDK that allowed you to cross-compile the same C++ codebase for iOS, Android, and other platforms. It was ideal for writing completely native games using OpenGL ES and other C/C++ libraries and tools.

Unfortunately, Marmalade SDK license holders received a devastating update towards the end of 2016: Marmalade SDK was discontinued, and all updates would cease in early 2017. Later on, another update stated that Marmalade SDK was bought by GMO CLOUD K.K. There have been no updates since, and Marmalade SDK has been in limbo.

I decided that I wouldn’t stick around to find out Marmalade SDK’s fate, so I started clue: open-source C glue for cross-platform mobile games written in C/C++. I’ve already ported my game from Marmalade SDK to clue, and clue’s iOS implementation is complete enough to run the entire game. clue’s Android implementation is still a work in progress.

I encourage you to go and check it out! You’ll find examples, comparisons to other platforms like Unreal Engine and Cocos2d-x, and so on. Pull requests are totally encouraged and appreciated. Remember, clue is in its infancy, so take care if you choose to use it for your own projects!

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